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The mourning of which the Lord speaks is nonconformity with evil; it is a way of resisting models of behaviour that the individual is pressured to accept because “everyone does it.” The world cannot tolerate this kind of resistance; it demands conformity. It considers this mourning to be an accusation directed against the numbing of consciences. And so it is. That is why those who mourn suffer persecution for the sake of righteousness.

—Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth.

Friends, the miracle of the loaves that we hear about in today’s Gospel is the greatest of Jesus’ signs and wonders. But he intends this sign to prepare us for something even greater — the miracle of the Eucharist. Let’s ask for the grace today to have a stronger desire, a stronger “hunger” to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.
Archbishop José H. Gomez (LA)


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